When researching managed print, you’ve probably come across all kinds of eager claims–companies saying that managed print has boosted their efficiency, improved their customer service, strengthened their communication, and streamlined their workflows. These things are probably true, but how can you know that for sure until you know what managed print can really do to help you achieve these things? Let’s take a look!


At its heart, managed print was designed to be an active, ever-changing part of your company that grows, changes, and improves with you. It’s not a “bandage” solution–instead, it’s a hardworking combination of proactive measures, best practices, and savvy printing techniques that stop problems at their source. Managed print shouldn’t be viewed as an outside power, but rather a part of your print environment that helps make sure everything is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

One of the best things about managed print is that all of its solutions are active. That means you can see them in action–just like these!

  • Managed print makes it easier to see and understand your habits.

By prioritizing visibility, managed print helps you see, analyze, and understand how you print, what your print, and how often you print–which, in turn, helps you see what you’re doing well and what could use some improvement.

  • Managed print emphasizes teamwork.

By ensuring that every employee, team, and location in your business is “on the same page,” managed print allows to you rest easy knowing that everyone is printing with the same values. For example, as long as everyone knows never to leave a document on the printer tray, you’re already boosting security.

  • Managed print is always changing.

Your company isn’t stagnant, so neither is managed print. By helping you keep up with your own changing needs and goals, managed print grows with you, making sure that your print environment is never left in the past.

Managed print can do all this and so much more. To see for yourself, contact us today!