Having more profit often means cutting the costs of doing business. Using VoIP can reduce the number of regular costs that your law firm has each month. When you are saving money every month, you increase the yearly profits as well as making your legal work a little easier.


Having office phone systems as well as paying monthly charges for each telephone line can add up to enormous costs. When you factor in long-distance calls and maintenance done on each phone, you will keep paying for these phone services for as long as you have them. However, VoIP doesn’t have the same cost associated with it. VoIP is used through the computer that is already there in the office, so you don’t have to purchase any extra equipment. It also has a flat monthly charge instead of many, many charges that build up over the month. 


Have you ever been on the phone with a client and had to tell them you would email them some information? Everyone has, and they have all had their documents end up in spam filters, had clients upset when it didn’t to them quickly, etc. With a VoIP system, none of that is necessary. Instead, you can send documents to them right there on the VoIP page. You can communicate more quickly with clients and colleagues, and you never have to wait and wait for an email to reach you.


Unlike the office phone, VoIP can let you record calls when you need to. This is extremely helpful for a law firm, offering proof of what was said by both you and the other party. You can also retrieve a quick call log that tells you exactly how much time you spent talking to the client. Record-keeping becomes far easier with this system, and you can calm down a client who is disputing the hours by showing it to them. For anyone working in a law firm, these features can be priceless, saving time and money as well as making communication easier.

When you’re ready to use VoIP to make your legal work easier, contact us to find out more and to get started.