The typical office has a number of printers, and each one of those printers will eventually need to have maintenance and repairs done. An office printer used by employees shouldn’t stay out of service long, or the productivity of the office will suffer. How to get that maintenance, however, can often be a big decision. Should existing employees take on these tasks, or should all of them be outsourced to another company?


Some businesses want to take care of the maintenance in-house, so they often have their IT workers take care of this task. This has the major downside of distracting them from other, more important tasks that need to be done around the office. The IT tasks in any office are among the most important, and no work can be done if the computer network is down or there is malware that takes over due to distraction with printer tasks.


Having the maintenance outsourced is often a far better use of resources. When it’s done this way, none of the employees are distracted by those tasks. None of them have to spend their time getting to know the parts and function of each copier or to schedule time for the printers into their weekly tasks. The printers can be taken care of by professionals who can quickly diagnose any issues with the printers before they get worse. They also know just what kind of maintenance each type of printer needs to keep it working at its best.


Any downtime for printers can lead to business loss. When maintenance is taken care of, printers can last longer and keep fulfilling the needs of the employees who use them. When an in-house person is responsible for them, this can also lead to resentment when there is too little time available to keep the printers running well. Keeping everything running smoothly

If you want the printer pros to take care of your printers to allow your employees to better do their jobs, contact us to find out about outsourced printer maintenance.