With each new office equipment acquisition, business leaders have a checklist of decisions to ponder. Your office equipment provider will be happy to guide you through each step of the decision-making process, and you may be surprised at the new technologies that have emerged since your last upgrade.

Here are a few tips for beginning your search.

  • Do you need a network printer or a multifunction system?
  • Do you need a printer that can handle higher volumes due to company growth?
  • Is your current page-per-minute output fast enough?
  • What new technologies are available to improve office productivity?
  • How much is currently available in your budget for office equipment?
  • Should you lease or buy?


There are advantages to both leasing and buying your new laser printers and copiers. Let’s take a quick look at each option.

Purchasing your equipment outright puts your company in control of the decisions you’ll make throughout its useful service life.

  • You decide how often to replace parts and when to perform routine maintenance.
  • When it’s time to upgrade, you can sell the office equipment or repurpose it to another department.
  • You can decide whether to purchase a service agreement or forgo the option.
  • On the downside, you may keep the device longer than you should, missing out on some new technologies.

Leasing office equipment has caught on among businesses large and small. Here’s a look at the benefits.

  • The office equipment provider will take on maintenance and repair responsibilities.
  • You won’t need to funnel operating capital into an equipment purchase.
  • Uniform monthly payments and no large cash outlay make budgeting less difficult.
  • Upgrading a lease to acquire new features is often easier than purchasing.
  • Lease payments may qualify as tax-deductible operating expenses.

Should you lease or buy your office equipment? Let us help you make the best choice! Contact us at Abadan for more in-depth information today!