The fast pace of business today makes it necessary to allow employees to do their work wherever they are and to collaborate just as quickly. One of the keys to easier collaborations is VoIP.


What is VoIP? It’s a way to communicate online through phone calls, much as you would do with a traditional landline. When your office has the capability of VoIP, it’s far less expensive to call colleagues and customers as often as needed, and no matter how far away they are. In many cases, using this calling resource can save half of the cost of making traditional phone calls- or even more. It’s also a highly convenient way to make calls, and it isn’t necessary to be in the office to do it.


Making a VoIP call requires the computer to send packets of audio data from your computer to the one you are connected with through the call. It’s relatively simple for the computer to achieve this connection and send the data, and there is no special equipment needed. It works on computers and other devices that employees already use for work. It’s also easy for users to get started with it, as there is no steep learning curve and no complicated process to memorize. There’s simply inexpensive communication that is more convenient than ever before.


The cost savings for business calls is one of the most common reasons for companies to implement their VoIP in the office. However, there are plenty of other advantages. The simplicity of the process, as well as needing no additional equipment, also builds a strong case for this calling system. The flexibility of it is another big reason to use it. It can be done from many different computers, no matter where your employees may be. They can collaborate on an important call even if they are on vacation, out to lunch, or simply away from the office. Not only can it be used remotely, but it will work when the actual phone lines are down. 

If your company is ready to communicate more and collaborate for less, contact us about getting your company started with VoIP. It’s a new world of accessible, inexpensive communication that anyone in your company can use.