Be honest. Have you heard of managed print? Ok, great. Now really be honest, do you understand what it means and how it can help your business thrive and save money? Okay, maybe that answer was slightly less confident. Don’t worry; we are here to explain it all.


To maximize your productivity, all of your devices — copiers, printersmultifunction systems, and others — need to work together cohesively. Unfortunately, most print environments are not structured this way. Too often they are built piecemeal and fail to operate as a unified force. This is where managed print services come in.


If all of your print devices are not working together, how can you know how much you are spending. It’s ok; you are in good company. Most businesses don’t realize the total cost of their print, which is why most businesses would save money with managed print. By managing your print environment, you will get a clear picture of your expenditures, including hardware, software, ink, toner, paper, and even maintenance and service costs. When you think about all of the contributing factors, no wonder it is so difficult to recognize just how much you spend every year. Implementing managed print can save you up to 30 percent of your current overhead.


If you have multiple devices from different vendors, it can be tough to keep track of how many printers you have, never mind how you are spending to print on each of one of them. With managed print services you can consolidate your devices, service contracts, and expenses. Working with a professional partner like Abadan enables you to maximize your resources streamline all print-related equipment, supplies, and expenses. Plus, you will get outstanding support across your entire print environment.


Now, do you see how great managed print services could be for your Washington business? If you aren’t convinced yet or still have questions, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to get back to you!