The copier is one of the most ubiquitous pieces of office equipment. Think of nearly any 80s or 90s movie set in an office and surely there is some hilarious scene around the copy machine. And, while times have changed and businesses have evolved, so too has the once-humble copier. Now, it is a sophisticated multifunction copier that can scan, print, fax, and copy!

Now, as with any type of office equipment, MFPs can still suffer some setbacks, particularly if you are still relying on an old model. If your copier or printer is giving you trouble, maybe it is time to upgrade. Or, maybe not. How do you know when to repair or replace? Keep reading…


When considering whether to repair or replace your copier, most people only think about the money. And, while financial considerations are indeed a primary concern, they do not represent the whole picture. The repair can be costly and time-consuming, especially with older models. In those cases, expensive parts must be ordered, adding to overall expense as well as the downtime. Plus, once the office equipment is fixed, there are no guarantees how long those repairs will last. Like with many older electronic devices, one fix can often lead to a domino effect of maintenance.


As mentioned above, downtime is a significant factor in the repair-or-replace choice. Now, you should not make a knee-jerk decision and buy a new copier out of frustration. But you should look at the overall amount of time your copier is down, including general maintenance and repairs. If it feels like the office equipment is always broken, it might be time to consider upgrading, since the loss of productivity is a major issue. Each time your multifunction copier is on the fritz, your efficiency comes to a screeching halt while you wait for parts and repairs. Plus, while the upfront cost of a copier replacement might seem steep, you will save you money in the long run. Newer equipment is more reliable, breaks down less often, and costs less to upkeep.

So, weigh all of your options, including how often your MFP malfunctions, the length, and cost of downtime, the price of the initial repair, as well as how much you are paying for your service contract and what it covers. Learn more about the latest solutions to keep your business up and running.