The use of offset printing is a useful way to get a great look from your pictures, maps, graphs, and other items when they are printed. For decades, this method has been used to get four colors into a photo for a full, rich look to each printed image.


This technique of printing requires slightly different equipment to create the full image. It is called offset because the image to be printed isn’t taken directly from the printing plate to the item being printed. They are instead offset, which is taking the image to be printed and transferring it to a layer of rubber before that image is then brought to the surface being printed. This extra step is done for a variety of reasons.


One of the main reasons for this printing method is that it keeps the printing costs lower. It is especially useful for lowering the cost of printing larger numbers of items, but it lowers the cost of printing even small quantities of items. The lower cost of making the printing plates that are used in this type of printing means that each copy of the printed item will cost less. In fact, the cost of printing each item gets lessened as more are printed.


Digital printing often doesn’t deliver the same quality as offset printing. The colors tend to be richer and the lines more precise when offset printing is used. Instead of toner, this type of printing uses ink that is capable of finer lines and more detail when it comes to an image’s lines and colors. It can also produce a number of finishes, including an attractive matte finish, a soft satin one of the highly sought after high-gloss finish.

With offset printing, you have a wide range of color, style, and finish choices. When you’re ready for the high quality of traditional offset printing, contact us to find out what we can do for you and your printed materials. You’ll be happy with your results, as will your customers.