Every business needs modern printers that work at their best levels. Without good printers, the reputation of your business can certainly suffer. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to tell when a printer should be serviced or when it’s time to simply replace it with a newer, better model. How can you tell when your printers need an upgrade?


If you have been getting your printes repaired and/or serviced more and more often, it’s time to do a cost/benefit analysis. The price of multiple repairs and more frequent servicing may not be worth hanging on to an old printer. This is especially true if the problems with the printer are creating downtime that has your employees less productive without it. Having lost work hours while employees find other ways to get documents printed out, it’s no longer providing cost savings to keep the old printer.


When you first bought the existing printer for your business, it was chosen to take care of the specific needs the office had. However, most companies evolve over time, and it may be that the old printer is no longer keeping up with the needs of your business. There are printers that can handle a wide range of tasks that you may be currently outsourcing. This includes binding, collating, stapling, and creating brochures. With a better printer, you may save money on those needs.


Employees need to be supported in the workplace to do their best work. However, if they don’t have the proper tools to do it, they will inevitably get frustrated. Having old printers that are frustrating to use can be an enormous point of contention. For employees who have to print items regularly, this will create lower morale and may even have them looking for a less-frustrating job. A new printer is well worth the cost if it makes the working lives of your employees easier and less irritating.

A printer that often needs repairs, prevents employees from doing their jobs, and creates frustration is never worth keeping, and it is not cost-effective to do so. When you see these signs, it’s time for new printers. Keep your employees happier and your business running smoothly with the right equipment. Contact us to upgrade to better office equipment.