Small and large businesses do all they can to use their money wisely. Operations managers and office managers may find the following tips beneficial in cutting their company office costs through initiating managed print systems. Your boss will greatly appreciate your concern and efficiency in saving them money on printing.

Once a company takes a good look at its budget and expenditures, they find ways to save money. Advancements in the computer industry continue to bring about a more paperless society. More companies are urging customers to agree to go paperless with bills and statements. More companies are going paperless to find employees and customers alike, jumping onto the paperless bandwagon.

While companies work towards a more paperless system, these same companies discover that possibly old habits die hard and while going paperless fiercely hold onto their printed systems. A lot of money is spent every day on wasted paper. It does not take long for a company to discover the extent of paper waste and try to work harder towards a paperless system.

Q. How can companies save printing costs?

A. There are many approaches that a company can take to decrease the cost of paper waste and turn to a paperless system through the help of managed print.


There are a few things that business owners can do to reduce paper waste that costs them a lot of unnecessary expenses through managed print services. Change has to do with the acceptance of the change by employees and customers. Know that in time, a paperless system is more efficient with enhanced security.

  • Color printing has always been expensive for business owners and is mainly used in marketing to make an eye-catching impression on potential customers. However, other eye-catching marketing techniques prove as or more effective than wasting money on colored toners. Companies that find some printing is still necessary should use black toner only.
  • While using copiers, few employees recognize the fact that if they were to print both sides of a document, this overtime saves a tremendous amount of money.
  • A business owner can combine office equipment with newer models that are energy efficient and can multi-task. One machine that does the work of three of four other machines saves energy costs and decreases repair calls.
  • Set a company policy to utilize fonts that use less toner such as New Times Roman versus Arial.
  • Set a company policy; the employees review documents before sending work to the printer only to find that there are mistakes. Reviewing documents before printing saves time and paper costs. Urge employees to get documents right the first time.
  • Going paperless decreases security breaches, increases efficiency, security, and productivity.


Why not allow a managed print service company to offer your company printing services all combined in a multifunction machine that has the capabilities of printing, scanning, and faxing? Newer printers allow for documents to be sent to the cloud through encryption to enhance and increase company security. Contact us today to learn about our enhanced protection of sensitive documents through managed print.