Do your employees look forward to team meetings, or do they go out of their way to schedule a dentist appointment that day? Holding the attention of meeting attendees is an ongoing challenge for business leaders, but innovations in office equipment technology are changing things for the better.


Your traditional whiteboard, with its always-dried-up markers and smudged surface, may be part of the reason why your meetings are greeted with ho-hum indifference. Ramping up your next employee or client meeting is the next thing on your agenda. We can help you get there with the Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display system. Check out these benefits.

  1. Bigger is better — Sharp’s big interactive display screen increases engagement and is much better at holding and keeping your audience’s attention than traditional office equipment solutions. Screens up to 80″ and state-of-the-art HD quality brings presentations to life.
  2. Touch pen precision — Sharp makes their AQUOS BOARD even more intuitive with touch pen capabilities for as many as four users at one time. A drop-down menu for each pen lets users select line color and thickness for improved accuracy and clarity.
  3. Mobile connectivity — To reach an even larger audience, two Sharp AQUOS BOARDs can connect to your network at the same time. Add up to 50 mobile device users at once.
  4. Connect to your office equipment — Connect your Sharp AQUOS BOARD to your office equipment and document management system. Simply scan documents to your Sharp multifunction system, then import to the display board to collaborate with colleagues. Changes made on the screen interface can be sent back to the multifunction system for printing or saving.

There’s a lot to love about the Sharp AQUOS BOARD! Get in touch with Abadan for a closer look today!