It seems that everything we do creates a carbon footprint. This is the amount of carbon released into the air when certain tasks are done. Doing things digitally can reduce your footprint and make your office part of the solution instead of adding to the problem.


The multifunction printer is one piece of office equipment that few offices can do without. It does print when it is needed, but it also has many other functions. Using some of them will result in less paper being used and less carbon in the air. These printers can scan documents into digital form so that no hard copy is needed. This reduces the number of papers that have to be filed and kept onsite. 


So, you’ve completed a document- what’s next? Many people are simply in the habit of printing things out once they are finished. However, there is often no reason to do so. The printers in the office must be reliable and in good condition for times when printouts are required. However, think about the way you interact with data outside the office. Do you often print things out to show to people or to file? Chances are, you rely on attaching a digital document or texting a link to a friend. This can be done in the office to save paper and energy. Having an email group that encompasses office workers will get a document to them right away with no need to use the printer.


Once offices go to a digital document management system, they often have files full of documents that must be scanned. Having a separate scanner can make it easier for all of that paper to be digitized. These machines can scan, and they are more portable than the multifunction printer. Some models will scan hundreds of documents in mere minutes. Some will scan thousands of them in that amount of time. For offices that have an enormous amount to scan, this office equipment is a must-have.

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