As the business world becomes a sleeker, greener place, many companies are starting to wonder if investing in a printer is “worth it.” After all, how can a printer coexist with paperless workflows? The truth is that no workflow can ever be entirely paperless, and for those few but important prints, you’ll always need reliable office equipment.


Office equipment always needs to be capable of keeping up with what happens in the business world, and printers (and copiers and multifunction devices) are no exception. The good news is that, although most companies are moving toward increasingly paperless solutions, printers haven’t become obsolete–instead they’re being designed so that you can print whenever necessary with a minimized impact on the environment, your budget, and even your productivity. That’s right: printers are still important in the modern world. For example, your loyal printer still allows you to:

  • finish print jobs in-house, minimizing the need to spend more money (and get unreliable results) by outsourcing;
  • control what you print, offering all kinds of usage data and management options that put you in charge of your environmental impact;
  • stay safe online, giving you security options that print shops might not offer;
  • solve problems effectively, allowing the freedom and flexibility to create anything you need whenever you need it without having to wait for anyone else to get the job done;
  • and save time and money, which means you can focus on making sure the other aspects of your workflow are equally environmentally friendly.

Without your office equipment like printers, copiers, and multifunction devices, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of these things–so remember, don’t give up on your printers!

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