Technology is constantly advancing. Document management was once the latest, greatest thing. And, while it is still a wonderful business solution, pairing it with newer technologies provides even more benefits.


Document management has evolved from papers and filing cabinets to computers and in-house data centers. Now, with cloud-based storage, it evolving is once again.

Modern document management happens in the cloud — this contemporary, Internet-based wonder that has transformed the way businesses store data. With cloud storage, businesses are not limited by their in-house IT staff, operating costs, or server limitations.


All businesses must have a defined DM process in place and the technology to support it. As businesses grow, they must scale up their systems, but this can be expensive and prohibitive. When your in-house systems can’t handle your expansion, the best solution is to outsource your storage to a fully scalable cloud-based solution, which enables you to grow or scale back without extraneous costs and provides you with numerous resources.


Mobile technology has changed the world. It has altered the way we communicate and the way we conduct business. Today’s businesses must be flexible to keep pace and that often means allowing employees to work remotely. Off-site job options are no longer a trend; they are a pillar of the modern workforce. To be productive, individuals need responsive remote technology that allows them to access documents no matter where they are. The marriage of a document management system and a cloud-based storage solution creates a secure document repository.

With defined policies and access controls, you can ensure your people have access to the data they need without having to be chained to their desks. The ability to store and share documents in an organized, secure manner from a web-based location can make your business and your staff independent. With streamlined operation and automated processes, document management helps ensure your data is managed. Combining DM with cloud-based storage ensures that data is accessible and secure.

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