When considering some of your business’s long-term goals, it’s helpful to look at the ways some of them intersect or inform each other. For businesses with managed print services, this is easy to see when it comes to sustainability and cost savings. Here’s why.


These days, most of us understand that sustainability and ‘going green’ are more than just adding some recycling bins and encouraging carpooling. There is much to be done to be sustainable in a meaningful and impactful way. Managed print is just one tool available to you to support your sustainability goals.

With managed print, reduction in consumption happens because of the service’s design. Having a handle on your print environment means fewer reams of paper, less toner and ink, and lower electrical use. Managed print helps companies identify redundancies and waste and supports smarter methods of maintaining a print environment.

Managed print also tends to open up conversations about waste and eco-friendliness. It provides employees an opportunity to be more thoughtful about their contributions to wasteful printing. It’s also a great precursor to more eco initatives throughout the office.


Sustainability goals are important to a lot of businesses, but reducing costs is often a more immediate goal that business owners have to undertake for the health of the organization. Luckily, managed print also increases cost-saving efforts.

As you’ve probably guessed, that reduction in waste naturally means lower costs. And, the overall structure of a managed print service supports long-term cost conservation through improved productivity and efficiency, eliminated redundancies, and improved control over all aspects of print spending.

The bottom line? Managed Print is a great way to address at least two of your big goals — sustainability and improved costs. Learn more about this valuable service and how it can work for your print environment by contacting us today!