Today’s work environment is vastly different than it was even ten years ago. More and more employees are working from mobile devices and working offsite. And this does not just apply to industry; the landscape has changed across all sectors, including colleges and universities.


According to conservative estimates, approximately 60 percent of employees are using mobile devices to get the job done. Moreover, this number will only continue to grow as the children raised in ever-improving technology enter high education and then the workforce.

So, how can colleges and universities keep pace in this evolutionary landscape? By embracing these modern technologies and letting them work for them. Many institutes of higher learning suffer from stodgy stereotypes and adherence to traditional ways but managed print services can elevate them to meet current needs.


Managed print is all about bringing modern connectivity to the workplace; it’s no longer just about copying and printing. Plus, integrated MPS can work with the systems already in place at your school or college.

Often, users are not connected to the most appropriate device for their task, which can cause slowdowns and bottlenecks. MPS will ensure the right printer or MFP is being deployed when needed, ensuring everyone can work productively in a collaborative environment. Take productivity to the next level with a cloud-based storage solution that provides seamless sharing, printing, and scanning.


Managed print for colleges and universities is a smart solution that helps simplify device management, improve productivity and performance, and reduced costs. Not providing appropriate tools and technology leads to frustration and loss of efficacy. In today’s fast-paced world, higher education must keep pace to foster the brilliant minds of tomorrow and beyond.

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