Working in an office means so much more than just sitting at a desk getting the job done. In today’s business culture, many workplaces are eschewing cubicles and office equipment for open floor plans and foosball tables.

While the trend of fun office spaces ushered in by the Internet boom may have subsided, environmental concerns certainly have not gone away. Sustainability and green initiatives are not just buzzwords; companies have a responsibility to their employees and the planet to minimize their environmental impacts.


Several years when “going green” became popular, numerous businesses made significant changes; yet many others jumped on the bandwagon with quick fixes. Environmental concerns continue to grow, and climate change is now a major player in our daily lives. As a small-to-mid-sized business owner, you must be aware of the changes around you and the concerns of your customers and stakeholders, even if you do not have a personal passion for eco-causes.


So, what can you do to reduce your carbon footprint?

The best first step is to take stock of your contributions. This applies to everything from manufacturing practices and overall operations to print and recycling programs. Take a look at your office equipment, including printers, scanners, phones, and fax machines. Examine how often you use them and how energy efficient they are. Older devices are much less efficient than today’s models. Upgrading to an energy-saving all-in-one device is a great option for most businesses.


Although print has a reputation for its significant impact on the environment, it is, nevertheless, also considered a necessary evil. Going digital boasts many business benefits, but for most companies, getting rid of paper entirely is impossible.

In light of that, making small changes can have big impacts. Switching to recycled office paper is a simple switch you can make. Setting up print restrictions and default settings can also greatly cut back on paper waste by requiring duplex print and other defaults. Many printed documents linger on the printer unclaimed. Requiring pull-codes to retrieve documents can eliminate this sort of waste.


Your business is always going to have office equipment, so look for devices that have long-term benefits and efficient operating practices. Moreover, be on the lookout for creative ways to implement sustainable solutions into your business. From reducing paper waste to eliminating single-use plastics, today’s business leaders must lead by example.

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