Healthcare institutions have a never-ending responsibility to keep costs down while still delivering exceptionally high-quality care. The best way to reduce costs without impacting patient care is to take a close look at operating expenses.


The healthcare industry generates thousands upon thousands of documents every day. While efforts are underway to replace paper documents with digital versions, paper is still a critical part of daily processes.

Healthcare facilities attempting to reduce paper usage on their own may encounter roadblocks, and the time involved may take away from primary objectives. Managed Print Services experts can step in, evaluating print environments and print-related processes to identify inefficiencies and unnecessary spending.

Here’s how Managed Print Services can play a starring role in your healthcare organization’s efforts to reduce costs and streamline processes.

  1. Over time, print fleets can become bloated with redundant devices that add little value to the infrastructure while driving up costs. A Managed Print Services analysis will identify these devices and recommend removing them from the workflow.

  2. Unnecessary printing is often the underlying cause of high print spending. Managed Print Services providers can tap into features on multifunction systems and printers, many of which are designed to reduce wasteful printing habits.

  3. Outdated devices cost more to operate and may put sensitive data and networks at risk of infiltration by cybercriminals. By identifying and correcting print security vulnerabilities, Managed Print Services is a powerful partner in your efforts to meet compliance standards.

  4. Overspending on toner is a common issue, especially for large organizations. MPS providers automatically respond to low-toner alerts from your devices, prompting a shipment of the correct toner at the correct time.

A Managed Print Services engagement can deliver new efficiencies to your print environment while also reducing costs. To find out more, contact us at Abadan today!