Going green in the office is a lot easier today than it was ten years ago. As more of us recognize the impact our everyday decisions can have on the environment, businesses and office equipment manufacturers have responded by partnering together to make sustainability second nature in the office. Here’s how your organization can get in on the tidal wave of environmental stewardship that’s fast becoming the new normal.


If you’ve been looking for another good reason to upgrade your outdated office equipment, then you’re in luck. Those old printers or copiers can’t begin to compare with the green features on the latest office equipment. Here are some of the green initiatives you’ll find on the latest eco-friendly printers and copiers.

  • EPEAT Certifications on office equipment means they’ve been measured for their environmental impact by the Green Electronics Council.
  • ENERGY STAR Certifications indicate power-saving features and overall improved energy consumption.
  • Paper-saving features like pull-printing and automatic duplexing help to reduce paper waste across your organization.
  • Draft modes use less toner and are the greener choice for internal documents.


Did you know that over 375 million toner cartridges get tossed into the world’s landfills every year? The plastic used to manufacture toner cartridges is estimated to take over 1,000 years to break down in the environment. Perhaps even more troubling, metals and chemicals may leach into the ground, contaminating water supplies. Stopping the cycle is easier than you think, and many managed print providers offer toner cartridge recycling programs as part of their services. By recycling your cartridges, you’ll keep metals, chemicals, and plastics out of landfills and reduce the need for using more raw materials to create new ones.

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