It’s 2018, and there’s no good reason for businesses to continue using paper-based processes. Paper documents cost more to create, cause storage and security challenges, and slow down daily business processes.

If paper-based processes are holding your business back, here’s how to begin replacing them with highly efficient digital document management solutions.

  1. Acquire the right tools. You may already have some of the equipment and tools you’ll need to implement your document management solution. You can use your multifunction system to scan documents and capture information, and a dedicated scanner can make it easier to capture and convert large volumes of documents.

  2. Choose a document management solution. After capturing your information, a document management solution provides a robust solution for classifying, retrieving, and distributing information in digital form.

  3. Encourage employee participation. Your employees may be accustomed to your current processes, but they’ll soon appreciate how your document management system makes their work easier. Training is critical, however, so plan to ease into the new system to give employees time to adjust. Incentives and rewards will help generate enthusiasm.

  4. Begin small. There’s no need to worry about scanning thousands of backlogged files. Begin your transition to digital processes by scanning active files. And as new information arrives, both in paper and digital formats, make sure it’s captured and routed immediately into your document management system.

  5. Try digital signatures. Printed and hand-signed contracts are on their way out, replaced by e-signatures and digital contracts. Aside from the obvious benefit of not generating more paper, businesses see faster contract approval processes, increased document security, and easier collaboration on essential projects.

Don’t let paper keep your company stuck in the 20th century. Get in touch with us at Abadan—we’re clearly the best solution for your digital document management strategies!