Many business owners think of Managed Print as a way to reduce print volumes, and they’re right—unnecessary printing wastes resources and cuts into revenues.

But Managed Print is so much more than just a tool to reduce wasteful printing. With the right provider, Managed Print experts can deploy their knowledge and expertise to innovate your entire print infrastructure. The resulting improvements can change the way your business processes operate, and that’s worth some serious consideration.


Managed Print experts begin by assessing your current print environment. The resulting suggestions can have a dramatic effect. Here are some questions to expect:

1. Do you own too much? Too much toner, too many inefficient single-function printers, too many devices per employee? A bloated and unmanaged print environment can cost your organization as much as 3% of annual revenues. Fleet right-sizing and on-demand supply reordering results in a streamlined fleet that isn’t wasting your resources.

2. Are your workflows working? The right device in the wrong location is no longer the right device. As a part of an overall Managed Print solution, your provider can recommend new locations for your devices, matching features and capabilities with the employees who need them the most.

3. Is downtime a frequent occurrence? When your copiers and printers go down, so does your productivity. Outsourcing maintenance and repairs to Managed Print delivers a host of benefits:

  • With remote monitoring of your devices, expert technicians can spot and address issues before they become a larger problem.
  • Proactive maintenance reduces downtime, catastrophic failures, and the associated damage to your budget.
  • Knowing who to call is as important as knowing which device to purchase or lease. With Managed Print, you’ll have an ongoing relationship with a trusted local vendor, and that’s saying something.

To find out more ways Managed Print can benefit your company, contact us today.