The document management system that your company uses has to handle a lot of compliance issues. If it isn’t doing that effectively, it may be time for a new system to manage your documents.


If your document management system depends mostly on hard copies, there are privacy issues already built-in. With files of papers, it is far more difficult to control who sees which documents. Without a way to keep only a specific few people able to see the most sensitive documents, all of that data is more vulnerable to theft. Hardcopies can be accessed and copied by personnel who have no reason to access them. These pages can also be misplaced or left where they are visible.


If your company does have a mostly digital document management system, it’s essential to know how and where that data is being stored. It was once common to save it on a physical computer on the premises. The on-site computer, however, can be damaged or destroyed. If it is holding all of the backup files, they are all completely wiped out if this should happen thanks to a natural disaster or computer theft. Storing documents in the cloud is a much safer way to handle this issue, and to keep sensitive data safer from theft.


To stay fully compliant, it’s important to know who is accessing files and just which ones they are accessing. When everyone in the office has the same logins, there is little way to tell who has accessed specific files. Each employee needs their login and a unique password to make it immediately apparent wherein the system each employee goes. Higher-level employees often need access to more sensitive documents than others in the office. This keeps much of the most sensitive data safe from being accessed and misused. 

If your company needs a better document management system, contact us today to find out how we can help your business stay more compliant with a better, more effective method of storage and retrieval.