Adopting a new procedure isn’t easy, and the most challenging time is often during the initial decision-making process. Will the overall benefits justify the investment? Will we be sorry we ever began this journey?


We’re all familiar with the trepidation that accompanies adopting a new process. In most cases, however, the new system is much better than the old one, and we don’t regret the change. As an example, let’s take a simple process like email and go back to the days before its existence.

THEN — Before the widespread use of computers, the letter-writing process centered around company letterhead and a typewriter. Without the office multifunction copier, we all take for granted today, the only way to generate a copy of business correspondence was to make a company-letterhead/carbon-paper/file-copy sandwich and insert it into the typewriter. Getting the recipient’s name and address on the envelope was an equally complicated process, and generating even a passable business letter wasn’t for the faint of heart. Obviously, accurate typing skills were in high demand.

NOW — Want to write a letter to a business partner about an upcoming meeting? Today the entire process takes just a few minutes, and the recipient receives your email a few seconds after you’ve sent it. Sending a letter now is no big deal; you can even multitask and email a client while waiting in line for movie tickets.


Most businesses are no longer dependent on paper correspondence, but shuffling paper documents from one desk to the next is almost as inefficient as making carbon-paper copies. For most businesses, the transition to electronic document management is as dramatic as the transition to email, with process improvements that leave little doubt as to the benefits.

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