Using an office printer is necessary for virtually all office employees. That has led to print costs increasing steadily over time. Now that it is used too often for so many pages, the cost can easily get out of hand. But, you can bring those costs back under control with managed print services.


Being more efficient in the office is a goal for every company. The effective use of time can be enhanced when it is possible to get more done with less effort. The use of managed print is one of the systems that offices are using to streamline processes and have more time for their employees to get things done. The monitoring of the printers with managed print services allows for the ink and paper to be ordered before they run out. This allowed for far less downtime for the printers and better efficiency for all of the employees who use them.


Your printer fleet is extremely helpful and valuable to your employees. However, it may be that some are more helpful than others. The fleet analysis will identify which printers are working well and which should be retired before they need expensive repairs. If some of the printers are older models, they likely use more electricity than newer ones. They will also print more slowly. Identifying and pulling these out of the fleet will ensure that all printers in the office work well, will be easier to maintain, use less power and print at a fast speed.


Just like saving time, saving money is always at the forefront of office goals. With managed print services, the cost of running the printers is reduced. Getting rid of old, inefficient printers helps keep costs low by requiring less power to run them. Newer printers also create less heat when they run. This means not having to run the air conditioner all the time to cool rooms down from that heat. It also orders items like ink and printing paper as needed so that you aren’t stocking up on the wrong size or ending up with an unnecessary stockpile of these items. All of these factors save the company money without having it go without anything.

If you are ready for managed print services to make your office more efficient and less costly, contact us today to find out more.